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Page history last edited by Janet Chow 7 years ago

  Consortium meetings are scheduled throughout the year and have goals of sharing information, learning from our colleagues and promoting opportunities for supporting our students in our districts.   Please note that this area is held for attendance and agenda items.  Details of discussions are located in google docs (private).


Wednesday March 6, 2013 [3:45-5:30] at Schou Education Centre, Burnaby


  • Great gathering of colleagues from all over to share and discuss powerful successes, challenges of implementation and ideas to consider.  



WED. FEBRUARY 1ST, 2012 3:45-5:30 

(Schou Education Centre, 4041 Canada Way, Burnaby - Conference Room [Main Floor]


**Please bring a story to share of successes, challenges, any intervention you'd like to show.



Janet Chow - Burnaby

Lori Magri - Burnaby

Urs Ribary - SFU

Steve Cairns

Kim Clark-Burnaby

Shona Kwasnicki - Burnaby

Karen Lehnert - Burnaby

Juliana Cipparone - Burnaby

Frank Thorburn - Sunshine Coast

Gary Hernandez - Coquitlam

Caitlyn James - New West

Janet Grant - New West

Dave Eberwein - West Van

Liz Hill - West Van

David Platt - Dist - West Van 

Suzanne McDonald-West Van (Dist Rdg)

Corinna Jones - Gleneagles-West Van

Scott Wallace - Gleneagles-West Van

Lynn Tomlinson - Dir - West Van

Sydney Hook -  West Van 

Jody Langlois - West Van

Andeep Garcha <agarcha@sd40.bc.ca>

Ryan Loewen <rloewen@sd45.bc.ca>

Duane Somerford (New West - Lord Kelvin)

Jacquie Hall - Vanc

Deborah Goertz - New West

S. Nicolsmith - Vanc

Nancy Mann - New West

Amelia Poitras - West Van

Kathleen Chad - New West

Claudio Bortolussi - Burnaby


Working Agenda  (please add your own topics, questions below so we can build the agenda together)

  • Welcome to all districts


  • News on the frontier - Brain Imaging and Interventions (Dr. Urs Ribary - thanks Urs! Our wonderful neuroscientist and BC LEEP Chair) 


  • Sharing - successes, challenges (Hometown interventions - What interventions have you used, created that are beyond those offered by Scientific Learning?) 
      • Sky Gym/Space Racer:

When making the sound, use hand gestures from low to high (mimic the location with the sound) > “woop”.  “Weep” – hand gesture from high downward to low   (thanks to Frank Thorburn)

      • Grade level enrollment - @ instructional level (not at age normed grade). For non-readers, use pre-K (**Can whoever wrote this, explain further?) 
      • Include some form of word study (in LSS or in classroom) - Invernizzi & Bear - Words their Way or P. Cunningham -  Making Words (*these support the brain's need to categorize and group items to make sense.) 
      • Involvement by classroom teacher with the program - consider one-minute fluency as tracking assessment, flashcards of vocabulary from the program, daily encouragement, celebrate the little successes 


  • Delivery model changes (OnDemand/site) to MyScilearn - what does that all mean (planning?, reconfiguration) 


  • Questions, wishes, future plans;  Other 



March 8 2011 (Room 164 is on the first floor down the hall from the main office next to the International Education office - New Westminster Secondary School.  835 Eighth Street, New Westminster, B.C. V3M 3S9).   MAP to NWSS.



Janet - Burnaby

Gary - Coquitlam

Alysha - New West

Urs Ribary - SFU

Steve Cairns - retired Burnaby

Lori Magri - Burnaby

Janet Grant - New West

Kathleen Chad - New West

Claire Mackenzie - New West

Linda Mannix - New West

Caitlyn James - New West

Nancy Mann - New West

Marty Routley - New West

Liz Hill - West Vancouver 

David Platt - West Vancouver


Frank Thorburn- Sunshine Coast

Claudio Bortolussi - Burnaby


Tentative Agenda:  (Please add other items as needed.) (*All meeting notes will be housed in google docs - access through log in only.)

  • Welcome
  • Review of Sites
  • Update News
  • Small group conversations: What's Working/What's Not; who; how; 
  • Intervention Tricks (or things we inadvertently fell into :)  
  • TO DO: create a session gather on Interventions and share











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Meeting notes have been updated. Please see google docs.

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